As an evolved swimmer, I have come to recognize the line between the “feel” of water (art) and the technology (science) of swimming. My experience includes swim teams and water polo through college, Olympic distance triathlons, ocean races, SCUBA diving and a 35 year history of swimming. These experiences have allowed me to be incredibly comfortable in all aquatic situations – and that is my goal for you.
We can all swim better and faster. Age is NOT a factor. All of my students are swimming faster than they were in the past. Swimming is a life long pleasure that is widely recognized as the best sport for longevity. Training in an Endless Pool? is a perfect way to advance your skills. I encourage you to explore the best sport in the best place to improve. I am excited to help you exceed your goals.

SwimStrong. SwimSilent.

Ken Holland
Head Coach
Doylestown, PA

Call me for an appointment! 267-994-0568 or e-mail for more info.

Who What & Where


  • Triathletes in training
  • Adults desiring to improve their swimming skills
  • Collegiate, High School and Children swimming competitively

Swim Sessions Include

  • Stroke analysis
  • Fundamentals for improvement
  • Training for breath cycle comfort
  • Tips to improve speed & stamina
  • Post session written evaluation with practice guidelines
  • Free monthly newsletter


  • The private facility is home to a state of the art double Endless Pool® with private changing/shower room

  • Individual Coaching Sessions = 1 hour

  • Swim Coaching Package (tri pak) = 3 x 1 hour sessions (*most popular, heavily discounted, AND free O2 SWIMMING gift with purchase of your 1st tri pak) NOTE - ALL Tri packs are due in the year they are purchased.

  • Pairs Coaching Package = 2 swimmers per session (dual motors)

  • Facility Use only = ideal for IM level swimmers to come here and swim the motor out instead of traveling to open water.

  • Off site & group sessions available
  • Customized Gift Certificates
  • *** All rates will be set by 01 Jan and you can lock in for a period of 1 year.

  • *Cancellation policy ~ 25 hours notice minimum. Each case will be reviewed on its own merit.

I'm Andrew Richey and I would like to share my experience that I've had from two lessons from this program to give others inspiration and also to thank Ken for the progress I have achieved. I have been swimming for twelve years ever since I was six years old. I am a swimmer for William Tennent High School and have represented Centennial Aquatic Club my whole swimming career. I am heading into my senior year at Tennent and have made many accomplishments in swimming. I'm primarily a sprinter swimming mostly the 50 & 100 yard freestyle. A district qualifier in both events two years running and last year I also lead our schools 200 free relay to the State Championships. I finished last year with time of 22.03s in the 50 and a time of 49.34s in the 100, but I knew there was more to gain and I was the first to admit my stroke was not technically sound. Last year my stroke count was consistently in the top of the teens between 18-19. I swim every season of the year and I swim 6 days a week and during winter, I often have practice twice a day. My stroke has been engrained into my head day after day and working on changing it was no easy task. After my first visit to O2 I learned so much about efficiency and technique that literally just one month later after applying the techniques I learned, my stroke count went from 18-19 to 13-14. I share this to give thanks to Ken and also to show that swimmers of any level have a lot to learn about their stroke and that with hard work and applying the techniques learned, progress will be made. -Andrew (age 17)

I've been coming to Ken Holland for swim stroke coaching for three+ years. Every time I visit, he’s got new ideas and suggestions for how to improve. With swimming, it’s all about efficiency in the water; Ken is an expert on how to achieve optimal efficiency and body alignment. On my last visit to Ken’s place, he had me try out a new technique in his dual Endless Pool (EP) facility that challenged my technique and endurance. Ken set me up in the pool with both EP currents flowing, one faster than the other. He had me start out in the “slow lane” and then drift over to the “fast lane” and stay there as long as I could — I then drifted back to the “slow lane” and swam until I recovered; I repeated this process for about 20 minutes. As any swimmer knows, it’s when we get tired that our technique starts to fall apart. This new training method Ken developed challenged me to not only work hard, but also keep my stroke efficient throughout the process. Having a “slow lane” to move over to, provided “active recovery” which is ideal for improving endurance. As I train for my long-distance open water swims this season, I'll be going back for more “dual lane” EP workouts at Kens.
-Roger (Age 44)

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Kenneth W. Holland
A unique, exciting innovation in health and nutrition

o2 SWIMMING designed the SWIMMITT to help all swimmers advance their technique primarily by forcing them to swim from their core and stop the endless arm cycling. Throughout the summer, o2 SWIMMING did testing of prototypes on various levels of swimmers and triathletes. One thing became clear - this is an awesome training aid that sharply increases the learning curve both with and WITHOUT professional coaching. By "hiding" the swimmers hands, we are able to lengthen them out on the water and engage the forearm as a paddle. Without the sensitive hand and fingers in the equation, the swimmer will swim slower initially as they build a stronger core - this reduces potential injuries by shifting the burden off the smaller arm muscles and onto the larger back and chest muscles (core power). As proficiency is gained, speed is a "free" byproduct. The SWIMMITT causes a hyper focus and shifts the mind off the clock and onto the technique. The best swimmers spend the most time doing APPROPRIATE drills. Our Olympic team does not just bang out thousands of yards a day, as a matter of fact MOST of the workouts are NOT whole stroke swimming !!
We recommend the SWIMMITT to any swimmer with a reasonable degree of competency and they are available in 3 sizes both with and without a sealed thumb. We designed the open thumb for the younger swimmers to increase their feeling of security by being less "restricted". To my surprise, half of the adults love the freedom on an open thumb as well to adjust goggles, etc.
Try a pair today ! They are manufactured here in Doylestown and available only at o2 SWIMMING